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Farida Amirhanova

Farida Amirhanova,Director of Music and Head Accompanist

Farida began her love for music with her first lesson at the age of 5, and studied for 20 years.  She completed Music School for Gifted Children, then attended Music College and the Music Conservatory.  She has extensive education as a pianist, accompanist, choir conductor, piano teacher, music theory teacher, and a history of art and history of music teacher. While being a student at the Music Conservatory, she started working as an accompanist for ballet classes, singers and the choir.
After finishing her education, she worked at the Music Conservatory as a piano teacher and as a conductor of the childrens and adults choirs.  She worked as an accompanist for the Latvian National Ballet and Opera Theatre, and the Latvian Olympic team of Artistic Gymnastics.

In 2002, Farida moved to Toronto and started working at well-known ballet schools and companies such as the Performing Dance Art Inc., the Oakville School of Dance, the University of Toronto, Ballet Jorgen Canada and Ontario Ballet Theatre.
In 2003, Farida became part of the SBAD staff.  “I am very happy to work at SBAD.  I feel this place is like my second home and my family.  I am very proud to work together with such professional dance teachers.  I enjoy the warm atmosphere of our Academy”.

Maryna Moroz

Maryna Moroz, Pianist

Maryna is a honours graduate of the Solomea Krushenyska Music College and the Mykola Lysenko Conservatory of Music in Lviv, Ukraine where she obtained a M. Mus specializing in piano accompaniment. She has extensive experience in piano accompaniment and pedagogy, accompanied professional singers, musicians and choirs both in Ukraine, working at the Philharmonia in Lviv and later Kyiv, and now in Canada. Her passion for dance and movement has inspired her to specialize in dance accompaniment. She has worked at the Sean Boutilier School of Dance since 1994, and also for the Claude Watson School of the Arts, Children's Dance Theatre, Russian Academy of Dance, DanceTeq, Classics Dance Studio (Oakville), Metro Movement dance studio. Maryna also works as a freelance accompanist for Kiwanis competitions, RCM examinations and University auditions.

Alla Vortsman

Alla Vortsman

Alla began to play the piano at the age of 6. She completed Music School and Music College back home in the city of Sumy (Ukraine) and then attended the University of Music Arts in Kharkiv, having graduated with an honor degree. She has extensive education as a pianist, accompanist, concertmaster and a teacher of piano and history of arts. While studying at the University of Music Arts, she started working as an accompanist for ballet classes, singers, chamber orchestras and the choir in Sumy Music College. She worked there for 13 years. In addition, she performed in different concerts as a solo-pianist. After moving to Canada in 1997, Alla worked as a private piano teacher and music therapist in Kingsway Gardens Retirement Residence. She also was a volunteer for Toronto Music Festival.

In 2011, Alla joined the SBAD staff. “It’s a great opportunity in my life to work side by side with such professional dance teachers. Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance has a long and glorious history, and I hope that my passion for music will benefit all of the SBAD team".

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